Types of Commercial cleaning Services

Types of Commercial cleaning Services

The number of cleaning companies seems to be increasing due to the increase in demand for their services, so if you are planning to start up a cleaning service company, or want to hire one; it is wise to know the kind of services offered by them. Whatever your motive is, here are the types of services offered by cleaning companies.

Carpet services. These are highly specialized and offer services like dry cleaning, stain removal, shampooing and vacuuming of carpets, making your carpet look brand new. Most of them only deal with carpets, but there are some which will also offer you tile cleaning services, as this can be done by waxing the tiles. If your tiles are stained first check with them to see if they also offer tile cleaning service before hiring them. The way of charging is normally done per square foot of the carpet or floor.


Residential services. This is suitable for big house owners who may find it hard and more expensive to have full time maids. This kind of company normally focuses on all areas of the residence, like the kitchen and bathroom, vacuuming, carpet cleaning and wall cleaning – and most of them also take care of the compound cleaning and emptying the trash. If you have an event and need a professional cleaning service, then the residential cleaning services are the best to go for; but if you are starting up a business and your location has a lot of nearby residential houses, then this type could also be the best for you.


Commercial services. These often offer almost the same services as the residential companies, but the only difference is that they are mainly focused on offices, business buildings and warehouses, because that is what their professionals are trained to do. Their main clients are companies that do not have their own cleaning personnel. Though they offer one-time services, most of them are contracted monthly or yearly. This helps you so that you don’t have to call new professional every time you need the task to be done.

The main advantages of commercial cleaning services is that you can have your cleaning done any time you want, at your convenience and at any interval you like, due to the flexibility offered by these commercial cleaning companies. With a little bit of research in your area you can get a company that suits your needs.

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