White-collar Workplace Pressures Have Charged – The Workplace, Learning Charge – Office Supplies

White-collar Workplace Pressures Have Charged – The Workplace, Learning Charge – Office Supplies
With the spread of the global financial crisis, news of major layoffs and a pay cut came one after another, which makes many white-collar workplace was a crisis and stress. In order to be more competitive at work, or take precautions to re-plan, now more and more white-collar workers choose to re-recycled “charge.” The experts recommend: the economic crisis is the best time to study, can make a reserve of knowledge, recharge your batteries waiting for an opportunity.

Enrollment increase in the number of training has also led to popular education and training institutions. According to Yahoo’s reputation data classification information, education and training class information updated on a number of more than 5000, total more than 150,000 valid information, such information here in October than in July rose 30%. In particular, foreign language training, vocational skills, study abroad plate, the most popular white-collar workers, page views increased by more than 25% than the same period.

According to the new training center to the staff of the East, “this time in previous years, enroll in English language training is mainly Kaoyan army and prepare for 46 university students. For adults, oral English, business English classes and is now the ‘off season’ because the winter cold, adult classes are generally not choose this season, can the recent enrollment of adult classes per cent more than last year nearly doubled. “

By the economic downturn and the impact of workplace stress, find the ideal job becomes more difficult than before, many white-collar workers fearing layoffs of bad luck. Therefore, to continue to pursue a higher degree, vocational training and study abroad in order to increase employment chips, became many people’s choice.

“This year’s enrollment number is 5,000, and now not only did not decrease biogenic, as well as rise.” Said the head of a training institution, “had also believes that part of the financial crisis will make people tighten up the pocketbook, but now this kind of fear removed. This is mainly because of increased employment pressure, and many more desire to enhance knowledge and skills, lack skills to face the problem of unemployment. “

However, apart from some white-collar because there is no choice to find suitable work full-time studies, the majority of white-collar choice after work to “recharge” time appropriate training methods therefore become very important. Miss Chang in a foreign work, this has been word of mouth and other sites, including Yahoo, to find a lot of training institutions. Industry have suggested that “different groups of people in the choice of ‘charging’ mode should be, as the case may be, their own: usually more busy if it the best choice for a weekend and vacation time to participate in the study. If the more abundant spare time, you can choose to use at night and weekend classes in the training course. “

The face of white-collar “charge” number has increased sharply this phenomenon, some education experts said the IT industry around 2000 when the bubble burst, many foreign white-collar workers are also on to further study or training, so that knowledge of both reserves, but also broaden your contacts and wait for the economy to pick up, but these advantages would be the future work of the “stepping stone.” However, while white-collar workers are also in charge have a clear plan and purpose, to understand what their best to add functions, Swift can not be blind, or is costly.

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