Pens And Stationery Business How Temporary “crisis” Fear – Stationery, Office Supplies -

Pens And Stationery Business How Temporary “crisis” Fear – Stationery, Office Supplies –
The U.S. financial crisis, global economic recession, decline in external demand, China’s Pen Stationery Showing a declining export trend of near collapse and even some small enterprises have been closed down. Pens stationery products not escape, other sectors suffered by both common causes, but also exposed the lack of internal management of enterprises and weakened. Thus, industry analysts pointed out that in upgrading the industrial structure, encourage enterprises to enhance the independent innovation ability is to make China an effective way to become powerful pen. Meanwhile, enterprises should also be a fundamental basis of detailed internal management. Only in the usual hard skills for the enterprises to the risk of sudden in their courage.

From the China Light Industry Arts & Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce informed that from January to November last year, the amount of our pens exports of 16.8 billion U.S. dollars, up 12.6% in August from the beginning, on a monthly basis, respectively -11.1% 0.8% -6.3% and -13.3%. Document about China’s stationery products exported nearly 1 / 3 of the ups and downs of their direct impact on the export of China’s total exports of stationery products. Last year from January to November, China’s traditional stationery exports 5.89 billion U.S. dollars, up 11.8%, but the month on a monthly 8,9,10,11 showed a negative growth. Statistics from January to September last year, China’s gross industrial output document products fell 11.3%, sales volume dropped 11.1%, production and sales decreased.

Ningbo known as “China Stationery capital” reputation, pens, stationery products category has been a fist exports. However, recent exports of Ningbo Pen situation also appears to shrink. Last year from January to November, Ningbo Pen stationery exports 440 million U.S. dollars, compared with growth of 6.3% over the same period in 2007. Since the July start, Ningbo Pen product exports decreased month by month, to 11 months has dropped to 33.46 million U.S. dollars, and in June of 52.17 million U.S. dollars, down 35.9%, and in November 2007 decreased 9.3%.

Exports shrinking trend “Last year, the U.S. financial crisis, the global economy is slowing down markedly, further worsening the situation, external demand weakened sharply, affecting our pens stationery exports. Domestic raw material prices, appreciation of the yuan, labor costs, transportation costs rise, and last year’s July document products export tax rebate adjustment, have all caused great impact on enterprises, small businesses have closed or even the verge of collapse. “Light Industry Association, said Wang Ying.

“From the features of the industry itself, the decline in exports also revealed the existence of a number of internal management problems. As the barriers to entry is low, over 10,000 large and small stationery business. Many SMEs extensive management, lack of risk awareness and to resist poor risk, the crisis came naturally bear of it. “Shenzhen Qi Xinwen with AG had the military said.

Pen industry is labor-intensive industries in China, export-oriented, small scale, profit margins. According to statistics, from January to November last year, China Pen products export enterprises to 7891. Among them, the export volume of more than 50 million U.S. dollars in only one; exports at 100,000 U.S. dollars to small businesses for the 6500, accounting for the total number of export enterprises of 82.37%, while exports amounted to 87.27 million U.S. dollars, total exports accounted for only 5.18%.

Recent years, overseas buyers increasingly emphasized the importance of environmental standards pen manufacturer, quality and safety standards. Insiders pointed out that document type exports with imports declining market building’s environmental, safety standards related to technical barriers. Recently, Chinese enterprises are facing the greatest barriers to date??? EU REACH legislation entered the official registration period. Pens products in the regulations as “articles” (pen shell) and “preparations” ( Ink ) And are required to fulfill the EU REACH regulations in the relevant responsibilities. Pen products companies to participate if you do not register, it will be possible to lose the EU market. In addition, on August 14 last year, President Bush signed the “Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act,” the bill on children’s product safety and put forward new requirements for all imported and marketed in the U.S. children’s products, including pens, etc. Children’s stationery to export the new challenges presented.

Build its own brand now, China has become the world’s Pen stationery producing countries and exporting countries, fountain pen, wooden Pencil And Ball point pen The production rank first in the world, activities are also arranged in the forefront of document production. In 2007, global exports of Chinese pens first place. However, with the international advanced level, my document still exists significant difference between products, so far in the international market not well-known-known brands, our pen industry big but not strong.

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