Cost Or Quality? Ciss Printer Caused By Plague – Printer, Ink, Made Plague – Office Supplies

Cost Or Quality? Ciss Printer Caused By Plague – Printer, Ink, Made Plague – Office Supplies
The rise of the market the past two years, a new add ink device, that is, even for Ink System. The so-called CISS is actually a highly compatible external refilling cartridges, the cartridge has a dedicated chip, dedicated refilling port. With the Continuous Ink Supply System, Printer As long as a cartridge, if you want to add later just unscrew the bottle of ink poured directly corresponds to the color can.

Even for the system because of their low price, the market is quite certain users. The system first appeared in late 2002, after 2003, the development of popular in 2004. Average household monthly consumption of ink because the user will not be significant, will not use the system. Some for profit business output users, such as Printing Company, advertising companies for a monthly print volume, as they particularly like to control costs for SMEs, it will be even a soft spot for the system. Usually, the size of these enterprises to 20 in a few people around. Companies generally use two or three printers, ink consumption amount per month for seven, eight sets of left and right. Even the ink used for the system, help them save a lot of monthly cost of buying cartridges.

CISS ink system can save a lot of doubt the cost of buying cartridges, but even for the trouble to use a website forum has been the topic of people interested, so that how the cleaning nozzle to prevent the plug such as the post to become the exchange of experience a cream paste. Together, the user response to the use of mainly the following aspects. First, print out the pattern color cast, color of hair dark; second is lack of color print out the proofs, only on the nozzle cleaning, washing many times can finally normal print, but the ink bottle has a lot going . Third, sometimes there are big drops print products emerged, resulting in presentation scrapped, only to re-print. Also, sometimes the machine suddenly found underneath the ink spilled, and even dirty the table, whether it is cleaning up the printer or Desk Very troublesome. After checking the original is the Waste Ink pad saturated.

So even than for the system and what the difference between original cartridges, why would bring so much trouble? What consumers succumb to cheap or because of co in the print quality?

First of all, yet even for the ink system technology is not mature, uneven quality, some retailers in the interests of small and medium business, driven by a number of no-name products, these products no more than three products, packaging without indicating the name, site, etc., so the ink quality is good or bad can not be guaranteed, which is why users will find even for the color of ink to print out the results as using the original ink to print out good.

Second, as a plug-in products, even for the ink system to change the structure of the printer, the printer’s features are not fully realized, leading to failure, such as severe as the plug is. As with an external device for the system is through a long pipeline of ink, it is likely to have air bubbles to enter the other non-genuine authentic ink can not be guaranteed because the conditions of production, easy mixed with impurities, these are the culprit causing the plug. This plug will result in smaller drops emitted or ejected ink obvious bifurcation, so that ink droplets on the paper’s coverage of less than the same time, the ink will lead to emission of fly oblique, in the paper positioning an offset, so that the printed artwork to make people feel and coarse particles. Caused serious congestion on the consequences of lack of color. In addition, the installation of a permanent chip is intended to save ink, and printer does not start cleaning nozzle, resulting in plug hard after cleaning, not only can save ink, will lead to more waste of paper and ink.

Third, the ink is so even for the most troublesome problem users of the system is easy to waste ink pad full. We all know that the printer without the use of, the ink within the nozzle inevitable result of increase in the viscosity of water evaporation caused by blockage or dry, so the boot, the printer will automatically clean nozzle. For use with external systems, due to long transmission pipeline, cleaning nozzle, the greatly increased production of waste ink, resulting in waste ink pad easily packed. Another plug needs a lot of ink cleaning nozzle after, more so overburdened waste ink pad. In addition, even for the system because the pressure imbalance can also cause leakage of ink from the print head to the waste ink pads, ink long-term in this state more and more plot leaked out and even flow of the table. If these waste flows to the printer ink or control panel, will cause a short circuit board, resulting in damage to the printer. Waste ink does not overflow even when the printer is the case of excess waste ink, waste ink pad out of steam volatile on the printer circuit board will be the action agency and even the sprinkler damage. Instead, use the original printer manufacturer’s ink, boot washing consumes less ink, waste ink pad full and cause Loumo the problem does not arise. Even if a large number of print due to the long lead to waste ink pad saturated, the machine will alarm in time, users only need to pit to replace a new waste ink pad can be resolved.

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