Steps For Dealing With An Office Move

Steps For Dealing With An Office Move

Whether you are moving your business to a new location or you are an employee and your business is moving you, moving day can be a nightmare if it isn’t done quickly and carefully. Business owners are concerned about the lack of productivity on moving day and worry about disrupting the flow of work or being unavailable to clients. Employees are anxious too. They worry about losing their current work files, important contacts or even ending up with another employee’s desk, chair or computer.

What owners can do

Business owners are aware of how important it is to get their company up and running as quickly as possible. Even a move to another floor in the same building can stop business in its tracks if not done with caution and concern. By hiring professional business movers, the owner and managers can leave the lugging to someone else so that they can focus on setting up business quickly in the new location.

Owners should never attempt to use employees as movers. Problems like employees complaining about strained backs to the loss of important business documents are only two reasons why professional business movers should be handling the relocation.

What employees can do

Prior to moving day, employees should tidy up their office space. It’s imperative to remove all personal items from one’s office or cubicle. This way the employee is assured that the beautiful framed photo of their spouse won’t get lost or damaged, and their 11-year-old philodendron will make it safely to the new location with all leaves intact.

Once all personal items are removed, the employee should prioritize an I-need-it-now box, which will hold the most current documents, business cards and information on existing jobs. Taping your name under a chair or desk is a good way to reunite with beloved office furniture in the new location, or at least prove the chair, file cabinet or desk was once yours.

Other moving services

Some professional business movers offer extra services like computer file backups, business phone installations and after hours moving to keep a business functioning smoothly even during a major move.


All moving decisions should be made prior to the physical move. One major decision for the owner is whether executive row should be moved first or last. Although each employee is integral to one’s business, keeping managers in touch with clients is of utmost importance.

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