Argentinean Beats Adversity with Art Supplies

Argentinean Beats Adversity with Art Supplies

The colourful life of Fabian Perez is a great example of how creativity can conquer catastrophe through the use of art supplies.

Fabian Perez overcame personal tragedy during his teenage years to produce sultry and exotic art work which is now in demand by fans and collectors from across the globe.

At the tender age of 16, Perez lost of his mother and three years later his father would also pass away, which had a massive impact on his young life as both parents had done so much to encourage his artistic abilities.

Perez’s artwork is heavily influenced by the time spent with his bohemian mother and unconventional father who exposed the young Fabian to nightclubs full of glamorous tango dancers, flamenco guitarists and dodgy dealings.

“I am inspired by my father, my country and women who can seduce a man by simply lighting a cigarette,” Perez said.

Following the death of his parents, Perez pursued self knowledge through martial arts in which he soon became highly skilled and his karate tutor encouraged him to take charge of his own life and with this advice he left his native Argentina for Italy.

While living in Italy Perez was inspired to write his book “Reflections of a Dream” and create pieces using art supplies which soon sparked the interest of gallery owners in Los Angeles.

In 2001 an art publisher and a gallery owner saw an exhibition of Perez’s work and saw the potential to help him develop his career as an artist.

The South American has since become a superpower in the art world after a number of high profile collaborations with the worlds of sport and music.

Perez was named as the official artist of Annual Latin Grammy Awards in 2009 and his artwork was used for the event’s invitations, show tickets, posters and programme books among other things.

Gabriel Abaroa, Latin Recording Academy President, said: “We are excited to have an artist with such understanding and enthusiasm for Latin culture and its music.

“Fabian’s timeless artwork is filled with energy and emotion. His piece brings a human element to our artwork.”

Perez was also commissioned by the U.S. Olympic committee to create pieces using art supplies to commemorate their time at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Several works were created by Perez using his art supplies and were entitled Five Continents One World and In God’s Hands, which were described as emotive and atmospheric.

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