Office Cooler Rental and Water Delivery – Worth The Expense?

Office Cooler Rental and Water Delivery – Worth The Expense?

Office water coolers are more than just a place to grab a drink of water; they have become a sign of comfortable conversation, a haven, if you will, for employees to relax a bit amidst an often uptight office setting. But water coolers offer much more than that.

Bottled Water is More Sanitary

We all know at least one person who takes a drink from the public drinking fountain and always puts their entire mouth on the spout. Nobody wants to drink water after a person has left their cesspool of germs all over the spout. Water coolers offer a sanitary solution to this issue. Most water cooler distributors offer paper cup dispensers to be placed on or beside the cooler so there is no need for anyone to have to share. This also means that there are no dishes to have to wash.

Bottled water is normally filtered as well, so there is no chance of ingesting harmful chemicals or bacteria that can often times come from tap water.

Water Coolers Offer Convenience

Office water coolers offer the convenience of being portable, so they can be moved to the most convenient are in the office. If there is a meeting in a conference room, the water cooler can be moved to the meeting, rather than employees having to interrupt the meeting to get a drink.

Grabbing a cold cup of water right from the cooler is also much easier than having to go to the break room, find a glass, fill the glass with ice, fill up the ice trays, and let the tap water get cold before you can have a drink.

Office water coolers are also normally bought or leased through bottled water suppliers who deliver water and accessories to offices on a regular schedule. Therefore, there is always fresh water available.

Employees are sure to appreciate the effort that their employers make by supplying them with healthy, filtered, clean and refreshingly cold water to drink during their work day. Happy employees make productive employees.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Water Coolers

Bottled water coolers are an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and convenient solution to germ infested water fountains and expensive bottled waters and sugary drinks. Office water coolers are often an essential addition to any office, keeping employees hydrated and productive.

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