Commercial Bathroom Mirrors

Commercial Bathroom Mirrors
Commercial bathroom mirrors are essential to personal grooming and architectural, interior restroom design. They feature a flat, polished surface that reflects light. Although this is a very basic design, its simplicity makes it complimentary to an enormous range of countertops, restroom stalls, and even stainless steel appliances.

For glass mirrors, what we see is a one-and-one quarter inch plate that is clean and contemporary in appearance. Other, more vandal resistant surfaces, are stainless steel, laminated glass, plexiglass, and tempered glass.

This is where we find commercial bathroom mirrors everywhere we go, from truck stops all the way up to five star hotels and resorts. Framed models are mounted in satin stainless steel angle frames that are welded together.

The most durable and vandal resistant mirror is made from Type 308 stainless steel. Without a frame, and with a highly polished No. 8 architectural finish, it is every bit as reflective as a glass mirror.

When we use the term “stainless,” we are not saying that the mirror cannot get dirty and will never have to be cleaned. It will. Rather, the term “stainless” here refers to corrosion, permanent staining, and rust which would cause the mirror to lose its functionality and attraction factor.

Cheaper alternatives will rust and corrode. In some cases too, in humid climates, they can even pick up green stains from mold. Stainless steel commercial bathroom mirrors, however, will last for years in polluted environments and high-humidity geographies. It is for this reason they are warranted for 15 years against corrosion and rust.

For the architect who is looking for a practical, clean procurement that has built-in longevity without unpredictable replacement costs, stainless is the way to go.

Stainless steel framed restroom mirrors are also resistant to silver spoilage. In many glass mirrors, the reflectivity of the surface is ruined as silver peels off the back of the glass. Stainless mirrors are so well-constituted that they are warranted by the manufacturer against silver spoilage for a full 15 years.
Many public schools, public libraries, convenience stores, family restaurants, bus stops, and subway stations have saved small fortunes by investing a little bit more in a whole lot of preventative protection that paid off down the line.

When it comes to plate glass commercial bathroom mirrors, architects have two options to choose from.

The first of these is tempered plate glass. Tempered glass is made by heating the glass to a very high temperature and quickly cooling it. This is actually the same way that metal is tempered to make blades and tools. By tempering glass, mirror manufacturers make it four times as strong as regular glass. It is both thermal resistant and has a great deal of impact resistance as well.

The disadvantage to plate glass is its less-than-perfect appearance. Slight flaws and distortions are always visible to some degree.

Laminated glass commercial bathroom mirrors are more attractive. It is more reflective and smooth. However, because it is not tempered, it is only as strong as standard glass and is therefore not as vandal resistant as plate glass.

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