Criteria for renting office space

Criteria for renting office space

Moving to rental commercial premises is a big decision. A lease is a legally binding document, so every possible area should be considered before signing on the dotted line. Derby is an effective base for small businesses as it offers reasonably priced property and a suitable location. It offers good transport links, cheap rent and isn’t too big of a city so you will still be close the central business district. Britain’s Industrial Revolution centred on Derby, so it has long been a thriving area for business.

If you choose to rent commercial property in Derby you will want somewhere with easy access for commuters. Derby is an ideal location for small businesses. The M1 is quick access for driving commuters, it is home to a railway station with regular links to Leeds and London, and even has global links, with East Midlands Airport just 15 minutes from the city centre. Prime properties have good transport links, and you may particularly want to find somewhere close to the train station. Consider car parking too.

Small businesses often find that a shared building is the most cost-effective. You may find that you are able to rent commercial property in Derby which includes broadband, telephone, security, cleaning and maintenance included in the price, which makes for an easy and smooth transfer and is particularly useful for small offices.

The level of commitment you are putting in at your new location is significant; look at the length of the lease and make sure it matches your future plans. Ensure that the rent includes, or you can arrange, internal and external maintenance and repair. Make sure it meets fire and health and safety regulations, and insure it if insurance is not already included in your lease. Make sure your premises have access adhering to the Disability Discrimination Act too.

If your rent includes extras such as broadband or cleaning it may sound more expensive yet you might save money by choosing a serviced property. Will the rent be paid in advance or in arrears, and will it be on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis?

Don’t rent more space than you require. If you are a small office looking to rent commercial property in Derby sharing an office block will be much more practical than sourcing your own premises which may be more expensive and not include services. Shared commercial properties may also offer potential for simple expansion or downsizing. Consider security in and around the building.

Carefully read the conditions of your lease. If it is a short term contract ensure that it is rolling and not a fixed term, unless you only need temporary premises. Long term contracts must be manageable for your business. Use a lawyer to read the fine print of your lease. You will legally have the right to stay in your building unless you have breached the terms of agreement, but beware, you may be asked to pull out of adopting this Act. Seek expert advice from your lawyer if you are.


Litchurch Plaza is a modern purpose-built office block with offices to rent on the edges of Derby. Litchurch Plaza is completely serviced with cleaners, security, CCTV and cut price shared utility bills, and is a practical and cost-effective base for small or young businesses.

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