Which Type Of Commercial Property You Require?

Which Type Of Commercial Property You Require?

Dubai is not only just a tourist’s destination but also a leading business hub. There are lots of encouraging opportunities which are fully favored by the government to set up a new business or move the already operational business to Dubai and continue the office further with even more benefits. However, in the past couple of years the drastic downfalls in Dubai rentals have given entrepreneurs a golden opportunity to rent commercial property in Dubai at absolutely great prices!

Let’s check out the various kinds of rental commercial property available in Dubai which you might require for your businesses:

Apartments or Multi –Family: This kind of property is usually the first choice for a new commercial investor. Its very comfortable and beneficiary property type for the entrepreneur who is just going to start up his new business. It contains five or more dwelling units with common area facilities such as entrances, lobby, elevators, stairs, mechanical space, walks or grounds.

Retail Property: Retail properties are properties that are occupied by one or more tenants and the property is utilized for retail purposes. Like for example a unit of readymade garments in a shopping center, or a grocery shop at the corner of the road or a national chain store or regional department store strategically placed in a shopping center so as to generate the most amounts of customers for all of the stores located in the shopping center.

Office Space: This is a very self –explanatory term.  A rental office space is mostly preferred by entrepreneurs who what to shift their office to new city or want to start up as a headquarter office, or just simply who wants to expand their businesses.  Office space is definitely a bigger place then apartments or multi –family properties.

Industrial Properties: This property type if mostly preferred by industrial entrepreneurs who require properties like warehouses, research and developments, manufacturing, etc.

Mixed Uses: These properties will be a combination of any of the above property types.

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