Wei-ya Acquisition Of 10 Classic Lies – Micro Ya Acquisition, Office Software – Office Supplies

Wei-ya Acquisition Of 10 Classic Lies – Micro Ya Acquisition, Office Software – Office Supplies
Beijing July 30 news websites Portfolio.com U.S. investment analyst Jack? Frank (JackFlack) today, the author pointed out that the five-week (August 1) at the Yahoo annual meeting of shareholders, and perhaps will be the history of the United States The most closely watched by the outside world since the Enterprise Management Conference. Yahoo’s board of directors has just had the same aggressive investor Carl? Icahn (CarlIcahn) reached a settlement, thus avoiding possible Icahn launched Proxy The right to battle. However, if look at Microsoft and Yahoo in the first six months, M & M and anti-saw battle, you will find all parties involved in this matter to express their views usually are “insincere.”

February 1 this year, Microsoft made to acquire Yahoo’s request to acquire the latter to 44.6 billion U.S. dollars. Early in May this year, Microsoft officially withdrew its offer, then that only interested to buy Yahoo search business. Last week, the company also announced that Yahoo’s negotiations “is completely over.” Frank pointed out that on August 1 this year, Microsoft – Yahoo deal will last for six months a whole. In six months, all parties involved in this matter was not standing in their own mind he point out the words. The following is the Ping Chu Frank

Microsoft – Yahoo takeover in the 10 “classic lie”:
1, Microsoft: “Monopoly is not conducive to competition.”
Cannot reason: Microsoft on February 1 this year, Yahoo made the offer to the request, saying that if Yahoo and Microsoft combined, you can break the Google search field in the Internet monopoly. But the problem is to stop shouting at the Microsoft monopoly of Google, the company itself in the PC operating system market to occupy a position of absolute superiority. Many people believe that a company really welcome to counter Google, but do not want to see by Microsoft to serve this role.

2, Google: “Monopoly is not conducive to competition.”
Cannot reason: after being publicly accused Microsoft, Google also had to respond, but the response is relatively Google hypocrites that claim to monopoly did not conducive to competition, but Google is only in response to Microsoft’s remark , rather than truth. In fact, Google has stepped up with Yahoo Cooperation Efforts, this course will be subject to regulatory investigation.

3, Yahoo: “We have developed a plan to turn the tables.”
Cannot reason: In the past five years, Yahoo has been no attention to the recommendations of the shareholders, so the absence of a viable business revitalization program. Microsoft withdrew the offer after the result of dissatisfaction with Yahoo shareholders, Yahoo management has developed to turn the tables on the overnight program. But shareholders to read, the program has no bright spots, the content still is to strengthen the investment category’s remarks clich.

In other words, senior management for Yahoo’s “Yahoo the starting point for the Internet”, “Yahoo as the online advertising platform to be procured,” and so forth, Yahoo shareholders simply do not see any real content.

4, Microsoft: “We do not need Yahoo.”
Insincere reasons: Yahoo promised to force the acquisition request, Microsoft has repeatedly said he does not necessarily need to buy Yahoo. Microsoft CEO Steve? Ballmer (SteveBallmer) of the original words were: “The acquisition of Yahoo, Microsoft is just part of the strategy of scale, not the strategy itself.” But the problem is if you do not buy Yahoo, Ballmer said, (Microsoft Internet business) strategy is simply out of the question of scale. That is, large-scale acquisition of Yahoo is Microsoft’s strategy is based on lies.

5, Icahn: “(Yahoo executives) took the high salaries and do nothing, that is criminal behavior.”

Cannot reason: Icahn launched against any business before the proxy contest, the excuse is always a company’s management does not hold well-paid work. But the reality is, for opportunistic investors like Icahn, who launched a proxy contest for the sole purpose: to obtain through the short-term investment and high returns. Is the perennial party management company executives, one by short-term investments misappropriating, which side do nothing more self-evident.

From this perspective, Icahn chosen point of attack is not correct, but should be noted that the target company’s market value has declined. While this is very old-fashioned way, but more convincing.

6, Microsoft: “We have ended talks with Yahoo … … This is really over.”

Cannot reason: Microsoft is eager to Yahoo’s privately acquire them for themselves, particularly in the United States hopes the next president took office, to complete the transaction, because of concerns about the new U.S. administration will strengthen anti-monopoly measures. But Microsoft was unwilling to publicly admit this, and repeatedly said it would not resume negotiations with Yahoo. Investors also see Microsoft’s true intentions. While Microsoft and Yahoo have repeatedly said that negotiations have ended, but Yahoo’s stock price is not high, reason is that investors believe that Microsoft and Yahoo deal still possible.

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