Supplies, The Easier The More Humble Fake Fake Cable Know – Office Supplies, Network Cable – Office

Supplies, The Easier The More Humble Fake Fake Cable Know – Office Supplies, Network Cable – Office
Network cable is one of many that supplies the most obscure kind of network fault though more common, but rarely heard what wires out of the question, so the market on the face of complicated cable brand names, few eyes on here. Recently, readers call to consult, asked why the price gap between market access line so great press after the market unannounced visits, it was found that the current cable market quite a mixed bag, but the market fakes run rampant, then what is the status of cable is how the market like? how to correctly distinguish the genuine cable? our current focus of attention to the identity of true and false wires war.

Cable abnormal market disruption Recently, a friend called to ask readers, “the market for a number of species of AMP, genuine and how much should the price of a box?” Began receiving calls of this consultation, when journalists did not intentionally, hoping that the market easily walk around you can reply to the reader’s problem. But when reporters visited the basement of B Block and the supplies Buynow market, only to find the market a variety of names more complicated cable into the hairs, not to mention figure out the price, even the name is also very easy to confuse the first .

Casual visit to a specialized wire counter sales, as long as asked whether AMP’s network of lines, the other must answer “yes”, then continue to ask if how much a case of the other party, usually the seller will ask you, “from more than 100 of the expensive there, what you want? “

A brand will come out a few prices Why?! Sellers often categorically explained, “is not a brand ah, you see such cheap star is AMP, AMP Unicom … that is …” a little in market change a bit, you can collect information such as AMP pump, a hearing AMP, AMP Star, AMP Unicom and other counterfeit brand, price more than 190 yuan to 350 yuan between each box. In fact, although the above brands

many, but basically just a confusion of names is just beginning, in the course of unannounced visits to the origin when a reporter asked, sellers are reportedly produced from Ningbo, Zhejiang, or Guangzhou, and indicate it is a matter of domestic brands.

Real AMP (AMP) of the wire is very expensive, the market price per carton of 700 yuan should float up and down, good quality AMP Network cable, expensive market, counterfeiting has become one of the most products, in addition to AMP on the market today, and Ting-chi is also a large number of IBM network cable is easy to appear fake and counterfeit brands. Currently the price of high-quality domestic network cable is not cheap, such as TCL cable’s current offer would have been as high as 540 yuan, but compared to international brands, domestic brands of counterfeit products to be much less fraud, from this point of view, to buy domestic brands The fake probability of almost zero.

Evil profit for the first AMP’s network of fake
Why are so many lines? Years in network cabling engineers Xiao gives details of the sale through, “profit is everything, AMP brand too good to sell, for example, we sometimes wiring to the customer , the customer does not understand the engineering requirements and design, but he will specify cable, surface boxes and other products, brands, or even go to reduce the cost of your purchase, but this customer, he can not get a real AMP, now leave AMP huge market demand, because there are too many wires do not understand the quality of people in the blind pursuit of brand. “

Xiao Liu further explained, “I have been engaged in network cabling, 10-year history, screen quality problems rarely occur suddenly break out or the data can not send such a thing never heard of. Network cable quality good cause signal loss, and on the local area network that most directly affect the transmission performance of some companies and Internet cafes to install when the time is not aware of the problem later when traffic increased after the transfer, there will be Wang Suman, intermittent phenomenon can cause serious network disruption. “

Reporter unannounced visits, they also found that the seller counters cable products in the recommended time, we must always ask, “What do you do with?” When the reporter that used to connect to their own Notebook When the other party is no longer emphasis on product quality. If that is the company’s network cabling or transmission distance over 40 meters, the seller often recommended price of 300 yuan or more network lines, and repeatedly emphasized that this product can guarantee the network stability.

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