4 Ways to Go Green in Your Office Space

4 Ways to Go Green in Your Office Space


Environmentally-friendly practices are the latest surge in the office space and commercial lease Phoenix industry because it presents business owners with a win-win scenario: you are able to help save the environment while at the same time saving yourself and your company money. In some cases, going green can seem like a daunting task that requires a full makeover of an office layout. This isn’t the case at all; in fact, there are 4 easy ways you can make your office more energy-efficient and green without having to break a sweat.

1. Optimize energy settings. In most business locations, the computer is the central tool of any office setting. However, these necessary tools can also be the biggest energy-wasters around because they can take in far more energy than they need. Most computers have customizable settings that allow you to tweak your monitor’s brightness, as well as the overall power it uses during a sitting. Set your computer to a low-power setting and a brightness that is as low as you are comfortably able to go. Also, make sure to shut off your computer when you are done using it; leaving it on a standby setting continues to use unnecessary energy, and powering down your system helps to ensure that you’re not being unnecessarily wasteful.

2. Go paperless. The commercial lease Phoenix industry involves a lot of paperwork, but don’t print emails unless it’s absolutely necessary for communication, and try to opt for recycled printer paper when printing is unavoidable. In particular, look for paper with a high percentage of post-consumer content – meaning that it’s more of a recycled product than low percentage alternatives – and with a minimum amount of chlorine bleaching. Paper takes a lot of energy and resources to process, so print on both sides of the paper whenever possible to maximize the amount of paper you have to work with.

3. Bring your lunch. Heading out to buy lunch during the week may seem like an easy way to refuel during your mid-day energy lag, but these burger runs inevitably lead to wasted paper products. A healthier and more cost-efficient option is to bring your lunches from home in reusable containers, avoiding the need to toss away excess amounts of paper packaging. If you must order take-out or delivery, join coworkers in a large order to maximize the packaging the delivery company uses.

4. Walk when at all possible. Even professionals working with commercial lease Phoenixk need a break every so often. Are you going to grab a morning coffee and feel like the trip is too far to walk? Consider bringing a bike to work or walking to closer locations. Walking or biking to lunch, work, or during breaks is a great way to limit the amount of gas you use. As an added bonus, your health will benefit from your increased physical activity!


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