A must have guide to finding a new office

A must have guide to finding a new office

If you’re considering relocating office it is important to get it right! After employee costs, your office may very well be the biggest business expense and its influence on staff productiveness is often vast.

We shall lead you bit by bit through the key elements that must be considered when trying to acquire your ideal office:

Size of office: With office space, size is important! You must work out how much space you require in advance of searching for new office premises. Having the size wrong will be really problematic on your organisation later down the line, and it is likely to end up being a pricey mistake if you get it wrong.

In the event you take too much square footage, you are paying much more than you need to throughout the period of the lease. Too little will mean you’re likely to run out of space before the lease is over leaving your staff uncomfortable within the little available space and additionally restricting the opportunity for company expansion.  You may also need to acquire alternative space throughout the course of the lease which is likely to be time intensive and costly.

Type of office: you need to choose what form of office space will work best for your organisation as well as what impact you would like it to have on your employees and your clientele. If your enterprise is a lot more corporate you may want office premises to reflect this. In contrast, you could be more of a media organisation and therefore prefer a funky design office for example a converted warehouse. If you don’t acquire a building which correctly reflects you as a business, do not forget that you’ll be able to make the interior your own during the office refurbishment or office fit out.

Floor plan: Do you want the workplace to be all on a single floor or will it be better to separate the firm over two or more levels? Do you require perimeter trunking or alternatively raised floor for the IT and cables?

Once you’ve chosen the most suitable specification to the new office you want to evaluate the location. The location has got to be suitable for your staff in addition to clients. Distance to your present workplace, transportation links, local services in addition to where your present staff reside, ought to be elements that come into play when choosing the suitable area.

It is strongly recommended that you think about using a good acquiring agent to assist you with the search for new premises. A professional property broker will probably have nearly entire coverage of all available offices on the market, saving you hours searching online or perhaps walking the roads. They will also understand the market well and be able to negotiate the best heads of terms for you on your new lease.

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