Advertise Your Printing Services Right in Your Office

Advertise Your Printing Services Right in Your Office

Many local commercial printing companies have nice and elegant offices. They have a classic façade that speaks of authority, credibility and reliability. That is the design of the past. Nowadays, there are already many competitions in printing so how do you stand out? One way is to make your office as your big advertising venue. You should transform the façade of your office as one big point of purchase advertising. It will also be a good way of showing the quality of your printing and to give people ideas on what to do with their own companies. You will gain more customers this way because you are giving people ideas of what they need in their own stores. This can be one of your strategies for you to become a success in the local commercial printing industry.

The following are just ideas and you can combine them depending on your office space and situation. It still depends on the position of your office.

1. Tarpaulin banners. You can have small vertical tarpaulins printed and put those aluminum steel rods at the top and bottom to make them straight. Then hang them in posts across your office.

2. Panaflex signage. Put up a lighted panaflex signage on top of your office space. Let it run the length of your entire door area. Do not make one that is smaller than the space. After all this is just a one-time expense and you are not going to be charged extra rental for that. The only extra expense with a big signage is the electrical consumption of the fluorescent lights behind it. Do not just put the name of your company, the address and telephone number. Put your company’s website there in bold letters and then list down your services there, too.

3. Display Window Samples. If you have an area on the frontage that is covered with glass, use this to display samples. If you are cutting vinyl stickers, you can stick samples of your designs there. Just organize them well so that they will not look cluttered. Or if you have other items like mugs, larnyard, t-shirt, and other items, you can have a glass shelf placed behind the glass panel so that you can display your wares and passers-by can see them.

4. Standees. These are not office standees but signs that have stands that you can put perpendicularly in front of your office space. These should not be too big so as to crowd the sidewalk. A two-feet-by-three-feet standee with steel framing should be enough. You can list down your services there too. The menu of services can be printed on tarpaulin. Print two copies so that you can place them back to back on the standee so that when people pass by from opposite directions, they can still read your message. You can make two of these and place them on either side of your office space.

6. Tarpaulin stands. There are x-standees with an average size of two feet by six feet. You can print a tarpaulin banner on it and display it in front of your office. But this will have to be displayed angularly. So if you want your banner to stand straight, you can have those big stands with the size of three feet by ten feet.

There are so many ways to make local commercial printing offices become an advertising venue for the product and services it promotes. Take advantage of these advertising venues because except for production, they are free. You don’t need to pay rental or advertising spots. Be one of the most successful local commercial printing companies out there.

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Irene Thompson spent 5 years guiding businesses to get new customers and increase sales.  To experience fast, full color and high quality  print materials, visit your trusted local commercial printing company.

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