Brightening up the Office and Increasing Productivity With Real or Replica Plant Rental

Brightening up the Office and Increasing Productivity With Real or Replica Plant Rental

No-one usually wants to go to work every day and when you look at the standard decor of most offices, can you really blame them’s Up and down the land, there are far too many offices and workplaces which are drab, grey and essentially lacking in interest and vibrancy.

While bosses might think that this is the kind of decor that looks professional, it can be extremely demoralising as far as employees are concerned, even if they don’t realise it. Their work-rates and productivity levels suffer, which impacts badly upon the company for whom they work.

Studies have shown that a more stimulating working environment leads to a happier group of people doing a consistently good job, so if your office is boring and unexciting to come to work to, it’s worth considering ways in which you can spice things up. You don’t have to go mad with your revamping; you want to get the right balance between deathly boring and plain distracting so don’t start placing any orders for ping-pong tables and beanbag chairs. In fact, a huge difference can be made by simply placing a few potted plants around the office and on desks.

It might come as a surprise, but plants can actually benefit offices in a number of different ways. For a start, they clean the air up through the intake of carbon dioxide, which helps to clear people’s heads, as well as reducing the likelihood of employees taking days off sick with minor ailments like headaches and coughs. They can help to control the temperature of an office as well as absorbing noise and smells and generally make employees feel a great deal better than they would if they weren’t there. However, you might not want the responsibility of looking after real plants on a permanent basis. Fortunately, there are companies that sell and rent out real and replica plants for companies on a sliding time scale.

Of course, replica plants don’t have the health benefits of real ones but the psychological benefits remain the same. If the location you want to put a plant doesn’t have a sufficient amount of sunlight or the right temperature to support a live plant, replicas are the way to go.

Companies that deal in replica plant rental offer them in contemporary and stylish containers that suit any offices so that they can provide a focal point to the room if necessary, and often deal in other areas such as replica trees and exotic plant species that can be set up as part of a movie scene, exhibition or special event. They don’t require watering and they don’t need any special care being taken of them, bar a dusting every now and again. Most replica plants will also be flame-retardant, which is always good to know, though they will require spraying on a regular basis to ensure that they remain so.

Although getting a replica tree might be going a bit far in your quest to brighten up the office and give the productivity levels of your employees a boost, investing in four or five plants, whether they’re real or replica, will certainly give things a welcome boost. Simply get online to quickly find companies which specialise in this area.

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