Hp 816 Plus Ink Cartridges Use The Experience Learned – Office Supplies, Hp Ink Cartridges – Office

Hp 816 Plus Ink Cartridges Use The Experience Learned – Office Supplies, Hp Ink Cartridges – Office
ZOL products forum, a netizen left his use of HP inkjet Printer – Deskjet D2368 ink cartridges for use experience random experiences in the forum to share with you friends.

Busy two days, finally got my HP 816 ink cartridges experience doing a good job. Since the January 6, 2007 Hewlett-Packard bought this one machine, usually is, my daughter play some materials, so an experience that comes with HP 816 ink cartridges are used for nearly a year. HP original cartridges is feeling good, even if you do not have attached two or three months, it will not plug the nozzle.

Ink exhausted, I went to ask about the technology market, an original 816 to 150 cartridges ocean, faint. I had bought a Ink Back to their increase in just 20 yuan, hehe. Remove the cartridge from the printer back to find the ink holes, plus open. In the absence of experience, for the first time adds a sudden, out from the stream below, I use the napkin on top of the ink rubbed the nozzle, wipe it very clean, too bad to worse in the clean and polished, and the result is a cartridge loaded the printer test machine and found only a few lines to play out, can only show the back and down both sides of the word, then further after just a few dots, and attached to play, later will simply not even dots out. Put a couple of hours playing, they can play out a few lines? Two words? Blot? Blank. Is the first time since the ink itself, not just any reason. If nozzle is blocked, why put a period of time will play out some of the words? If you do not block, why not a few lines after the? Puzzled, frustrated, thinking for the … …

Yesterday morning to get up, determined to resolve the matter, first check the internet to find a solution. Found: 1. Heat blisters 2. Alcohol foam 3. Special cleaning agent 4. Ultrasonic cleaning 5. Decoded original HP ink cartridges plus the number of constraints, the number of cleared 6. Determine the cartridge nozzle damage scrapped. Dig pits to bury the new buy it.

First Soak, soak test machine ten minutes, the symptoms remain; software cleaning nozzle three test machines, the symptoms remain; then heat blisters, test machine, the symptoms remain; then three test machine software cleaning nozzle symptoms remain; with alcohol foam test machine, the symptoms remain; software cleaning nozzle of five test aircraft, the syndrome is still God, we really have to run trip to the technology market (very far from my house), repair or even spend money to buy new ? Aside, say tomorrow.

Hands immediately after breakfast today, the maintenance plan has been developed. Since the cleaning unreasonable, then I invented a way to use their repair, at worst bad bought new. How hey, washed with high pressure air nozzles, where did the high-pressure air blowing through your mouth chanting, remove the front of the ink cartridge mouth hole blow me blow me blow me Push, ink from the nozzle blew out and continue to blow, cheeks blown up until the pain Oh, finally with high napkin out of ink from the suction nozzle (never rub), with bottom of the heart. On the machine test, wow thiophene, as a new cartridge, as I too talented, to play out the same test paper and the original, those tiny little dots show thoroughly. Fought a long article, well, then play one, very good.

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