Starting out in Real Estate Investing

Starting out in Real Estate Investing

Starting out in Real Estate Investing, entrepreneurship and the American dream is like laying the bricks that pave the lonely road to financial independence that some have dreamed of and only a few have successfully trod. Like pioneers we set out with a map and a wagon full of dreams; like trailblazers we must redraw the map while setting up milestones and markers along the way.

After qualifying for the MMM Challenge and quickly rushing off to get my blog posted, I started going through other people’s blogs and entries. Some made me laugh, some made me cry or gasp in awe, and some did both. I feel really humbled at this point, and spent a few moments over the past weekend wondering how I had slipped into this group (don’t worry, I didn’t wonder for too long! Like making an “A” on a final, and then rushing off before the teacher started re-examining it).

It’s funny, over the years that I have been reading about investing in real estate, starting to do a few deals, hearing about other people’s great deals, and then seeing as a lot of investors get out of the market, a few things are beginning to sink in:

The amount of drive and perseverance it takes to be successful- at anything, but especially at being an entrepreneur.
The fact that our emotions cannot be allowed to dictate most of our actions.
How we have to set a course and keep our eyes on the horizon, no matter how many things fly at us along the way, even when these things occasionally knock us off the path.

Starting out in Real Estate Investing, we are a lot like pioneers. We are trailblazers. It does not matter how many have gone before us, the path is still not totally clear or flat, and obstacles still come up regularly that we have to figure out how to negotiate. Of course, building momentum helps a lot- but this business still requires a fierce determination to reach the goals we set for ourselves, often goals that only we see and only we believe in. It can create a sort of solitary world within us, where we are constantly working through inner and outer roadblocks and disappointments — bad days, unrelenting work (job) schedules, grueling hours, illness, screaming uncooperative kids (ask me how I know) or spouses and friends who are somewhat less enthusiastic than we are about our ventures (Real estate? That’s a scam. That will never work! Have you been watching infomercials? Have you even seen the news? ).

Yes, blazing a trail means a few arrows in our backs and some to our fronts! But we pull them out, or have our fellow pioneers help salve the wounds and we press on. The great part is , we on the trail share a common vision. We can encourage one another on, and eventually the victories do come, and are oh, so sweet (Ask me about taping my first check onto my husband’s computer screen).

If the road is still bumpy – be strong, the rewards along the way are worth it. Be thankful and seek to be inspired by those going ahead of you. Seek to inspire those with you and those coming behind you. Let’s stick together to root each other on, sharing the victories as well as the setbacks, and help make each other’s paths a little smoother along the way.

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